Denise Rey


I am an architect and a photographer, but I no longer work in these professions. We have a construction business and I take care of everything administrative. I love to bake (and eat sweets). I also love to prepare fancy desserts. 


I came to painting through my grandfather. He was an offset printer, a passionate photographer and painter. I've been painting with various mediums since I could hold a pencil. I painted a lot with watercolor as a teenager. Especially architecture in my education. That's why it's not my thing anymore. When my mother died 5.5 years ago, I slowly started with watercolors again and I can no longer go without it today. What I really love is that watercolor is hard to control. Especially the granulating colors.


I am married and have a son. Yannis is 18 years old. 

I love to travel and have wanderlust all the time. I hate winter and love summer. I like it warm and temperatures over 30 degrees.


We have visited a lot of countries and all continents. There are definitely many more to come. 


You can find me on social media as @_art_moments_



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